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Queen Rearing Demo with Rick Coor of Spring Bank Bee Farm

June 8- Saturday 9am - 1pm

Swarm Out Session:

Queen Rearing Demo with Rick Coor of Spring Bank Bee Farm

- Hosted by Tom & Kim Underhill of Big Oak Apiary of Raleigh, of John 15:5 Farm located at 2633 Branch Road in Raleigh, NC 27610

- Rick will be here in Raleigh, demonstrating techniques of Queen Rearing, grafting, processing, and all the steps in between required to raise your own quality queens.

- Rick is a pillar of the Bee Keeping Community and has invaluable knowledge to share. Rick believes and lives by paying it forward. He makes all efforts to help, mentor and assist bee keepers of all levels to further their bee keeping education, techniques, and experiences.

-Cost: $10.00 per person – with the proceeds to be donated to Dr. Tarpy’s Bee Research Lab.

- Register by emailing Tom & Kim Underhill:

- Cash only please