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Photo by Adam Pendergrass

Everyone who labeled 168 jars of honey.
-May Markoff, Brenda Porter, Kent Porter, Carrie Kaminski, Katie Perez, Melissa McLaughlin, Terri Richards, and Paul Iadonisi.

The load out Crew on Thursday Morning
-Hannah Overfelt, Kent Porter, and Rick Ivey.

Friday Night Tent and Table Set up crew
-Nathan Adams

Ham & Yam Festival First Shift 8:00 AM-Noon
-May Markoff - Answered questions about beekeeping and handled honey sales.
-Trish Martinez - Sold a lot of honey with her tasting samples.

Ham & Yam Festival Second Shift Noon-3:00 PM
-Ronald Lassiter - Answered questions about beekeeping and the observation hive.

Ham & Yam Festival First Shift Noon-6:00PM
-These members did two shifts and took down the booth in the heavy rain.
-Gary Brown - Had the hard job of getting the public to taste the honey.
-William Herzig - Answered questions about beekeeping and found the queen in the observation hive numerous times.
-Jeff Williams - Went on a supply run for tasting spoons and talked with the public about honey bees.

We talked with hundreds of people about honeybees and beekeeping.
Well Done!

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Come see the Johnston County NC Beekeepers Association in action at the Ham & Yam Festival in Historic Downtown Smithfield, NC!

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Come see us in action!