Chapter of the Year(2)

October meeting

Fellow Beekeepers,
Look forward to seeing everyone at the October meeting. It should be a very informative and fun evening. Hope you all have signed up with Amie and picked a character to play for the murder mystery.

There are slots remaining to help sell honey at the NC beekeepers booth at the State Fair, contact Kim Underhill at if you can help.

The JCBA will be setting up the club booth at the fair on Tuesday Oct. 14. Contact Amie at if you would like to help.

I appreciate everyone who responded to the request for volunteers to serve as officers and board members. The future of the JCBA looks bright as long as folks are willing to help keep the club functioning. Thanks!

I would like to make one more request for a volunteer to serve as secretary.

The executive board has talked about moving toward a better system to keep electronic records in the future, although no final decisions have been made at present. If there is anyone in the club who has experience with word processing/spread sheet software, editing and general computer knowledge it would be a great opportunity to be involved in helping to develop the system for the JCBA.

We really need your help!

Nominations for officer and board member positions will be presented at the October meeting and sent out by email.


Chip Braswell

President JCBA

October 2014 Newsletter

October 2014

Bee Prepared for October 2014


  • Continue to check on equipment in storage for wax moth damage


  • Not much work except to keep an eye on your hive
  • Place entrance reducers in the entrance
  • Check each colony for a laying queen
  • Combine weak hives
  • Leave one shallow super completely full of honey plus the honey in the brood chambers
  • Prepare hive for winter
  • Damage control
    • Strap down hive tops
      • Prevent wind or wildlife damage


  • Feed
    • Continue to check hive weight
    • Leave one shallow super completely full of honey
    • Leave the honey in the brood chambers
    • Feed all colonies that don’t have a least 40 pounds of honey stored
      • A deep super or brood frame holds 6 pounds of honey
        • Completely filled will hold 60 – 80 pounds of honey
        • A shallow super frame holds 2 ½ pounds of honey
          • Completely filled will hold 25 – 30 pounds of honey
      • Feed a mixture of 2:1 sugar syrup
        • Beware of robbing
        • 2 gallons using a top feeder
        • Medicate with Fumagilin-B if needed
  • Frame placement
    • Make sure upper chamber frames are have open comb in the center
      • Used for spring broodnest expansion and clustering
      • Need honey and pollen in the bottom brood chamber
      • Make sure no capped brood or empty cells are located within the cluster
  • Install
    • Inner cover wedges for ventilation
      • Place under the back of the cover
      • Mouse guard at hive entrance
        • Entrance cleats restrict mice
      • Insulation boards under hive cover
        • Keeps colony dry
      • Set up wind break if necessary
  • Bees in winter
    • Large hive will not die from cold weather
      • They can survive extremely cold weather
      • Stay warm by clustering
        • Keeps each other warm
      • Temperature in the hive is only warm within the cluster
        • Don’t warm up the entire hive
  • Moisture in winter hives
    • Moisture can develop within the hive
    • Bees give off moisture
    • Moisture gathers above them
      • It can then drop down onto the cluster
      • This is what can kill bees in the winter
      • Can survive cold but not wet and cold
      • Moisture not a problem in the summer
  • Moisture prevention
    • Don’t let water condensation develop within the hive
    • Use fully opened screen bottom boards
      • Don’t cover or restrict bottom boards in winter
      • Allows enough ventilation within the hive to alleviate moisture build up
      • No need to wrap hives for winter in the South
      • Don’t allow gaps near the top cover

Johnston County, NC