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JCBA Fall Beginning Beekeeper Course

This class provides a wide range of information about bees and beekeeping, and is the first step to N.C. Certified Beekeeper. Completion of the Certification Level will prepare the student to establish, operate, and maintain their own hives. The Basic Course provides information for potential beekeepers, as well as others interested in pollinators. This is an Entry Level Course in beekeeping.

For questions, send email to . Class taught by Ray Hunt, Master Beekeeper, Clayton, NC, with many years of experience in beekeeping, instructional design, and technical presentation. Ray Hunt is registered by the NCSBA as instructor and proctor for the Written and Practical Test for the N.C. Certified Beekeeper Level.

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Fall Beekeeping Course Syllabus

Things to ask when considering a beekeeping course


April 2015 Newsletter

April 2015 Newsletter

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