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Where can i find local honey? There are 2 ways;
#1) go to our web site to see members that sell honey
#2) go to the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association NCSBA Certified Honey Producer Locator Map and find local honey all over NC to what ever is local to you

From: Johnston County Beekeepers Association President
Hi to all you JCBA members and friends who are interested in more advanced beekeeping adventures!
I want to remind you all about the JCBA Supplemental Meeting set for next Monday (April 30) at 6:30 at the JoCo Ag Center located at 2736 NC-210, Smithfield, NC 27577.
We will be watching Mike Palmer's video on "The Sustainable Apiary" where he talks about how to become that beekeeper with enough resources to be self-sufficient.  How great will it be to get to the point of having enough queens, brood, spares that you never need to go outside your operation for resources???
The video is about 50 minutes, and then we'll have an hour discussion of the main points with Q&A time.
There will be no other JCBA business or items for discussion.  We are simply going to watch the video and then talk about it.
This is during the dinner hour for many of us, so if you care to bring that burger or box of chicken please feel free to eat it during the video.
Video will start at 6:35, so please be on-time.
Please tell your friends and fellow beekeepers about this great opportunity to grow as that intermediate beekeeper!
Looking forward to seeing you there.
Barney Biles

2018 Johnston County Beekeepers - Beeschool Spring Semester is COMPLETE!
Thank you and congratulations to our spring graduates!

Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for any future beeschool/classes later in the year.

Beginning Beekeeping Class

On April 5th, we completed the 2018 Beginning Beekeepers class. This year, we had 30 students who devoted three hours per week for eight weeks to attend class and learn how to raise honeybees. They learned everything from the History of Beekeeping, Honey Bee Biology, Insect Pest Management, and Disease Management. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without covering seasonal management for Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Lastly, they covered products of the hive. During the last night, they were given Certificates of Completion and a thumb drive containing all the class presentations with some extra information for each topic. Twenty-three students took the extra step to take and pass the written portion of the Certified level of NC State Beekeepers Association Master Beekeepers Program. They have at least three months to explore their hives and practice what they’ve learned before taking the field portion of the certification.

The Johnston County Beekeepers Association tries to provide this vital training to the local public interested in keeping honeybees. Al Hildreth wants to thank Brandon Parker, Charlene Lassiter, Thunderhawk Chavis, Tom Anderson, May Markoff, and all the other supporting folks who helped make this class a success. Many hands made this class easier to teach.

Those who take the class are urged to continue learning monthly at the local associations meetings. Life is about continuously learning and adapting to new methods as things change and we learn better way to care for the honey bees.

Thanks again for everyone’s participation!