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Beekeeper Meeting

Hello Fellow Beekeepers,
Our monthly meeting will be held at 7 PM on August 18 at the Ag extension center.
Mary and Danny Jaynes will present a program on preparing products from your hive for entry in the NC State Fair.
As of this month Chris Stark will be assuming treasurer duties from Mary Jones. 
Mary served for her many years as treasurer and I would like to thank her for all her hard work.
If you have been to a meeting recently you may have seen Chris sitting with Mary at the check in table.
We appreciate Chris volunteering to serve.
While I am on the subject of club officers this month will also start the nomination process for elections this fall.
We will be taking nominations (volunteers) for secretary and one board member. If anyone would like to serve in either of these positions please let me know. 
One item of business to discuss at the meeting is whether or not the club will have a booth at the State Fair. If we decide to do this we will have to form a committee to plan the booth content. It will also require volunteers to set up and take down the booth.
Our Vice-President Kim Underhill has quality queens available. You can contact her at 
Look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting.
Best Regards,
Chip Braswell
JCBA President

Looking for Queens

Here is the list of the apiaries certified to sell bees for those of you who will be replacing their queens.


Have a great day,

August 2014 Newsletter

August 2014

Bee Prepared for August 2014


  • Cleaned supers can be removed from the colony
  • Cycle combs through the freezer for 1 – 2 days before storing
  • Store under fumigation to prevent wax moth damage


  • Not to much for you to do this month
  • Check brood
    • Make sure you have two or more frames of sealed brood
    • Inspect for diseases and pests
  • Re-queen
    • Colonies every year that you double crop
    • Colonies that don’t move with the honey flow can be re-queened every other year
    • Remove old queen and all queen cells before adding a new caged queen to the existing colony
      • Replace the queen the next day after old has been removed
        • This allows the pheromones to dissipate
        • Place caged queen over the frames of brood
      • Recheck re-queened colonies in 10 days for a laying queen
        • If eggs present don’t disturb the colony
      • Queens may be less expensive this time of year


  • Swarming
    • Not much chance of swarms this month
  • Honey
    • Remove surplus honey
      • Extract the honey
      • Return extracted supers to hive so bees can clean
        • Install at night to reduce robbing
      • Leave some space in super for late summer and fall flow
      • Colonies will need 40 – 60 pounds of honey for overwintering
  • Honey robbing
    • By wasps or other bees
      • Strong colonies will rob the weaker ones
      • Don’t open hives for expended periods of time
      • Keep an eye out for this
  • Feed bees
    • 1:1 or 2:1 sugar syrup
    • 1 pound irradiated pollen patty
      • ¼ – ½ patty
      • Only what the colony can consume in a 5 day period

Cool Honey Bee Video

Sharon found this video and I thought that others would enjoy it as I did.

Have a great day,


Johnston County, NC